Last day

Today we are packing and organizing our way to the airport. We are deep in the city and need to leave here at 5am for a taxi to the airport 30 min south. It’s a feat. The other issue we are having is we don’t have any clean clothes for the plane. What we are piecing together is not that hot but we have no choice. Better to smell good right? I think today we will hang around the old city and walk the walls. It’s rainy and cloudy today so we don’t feel much like the beach.

I am very anxious to be back home and work and on my bike. The trip was fantastic and over the top. I really didn’t have many expectations as I didn’t know much about eastern Europe. A few things we have learned from this trip are that we don’t need to be in the bigger cities when traveling. Even just staying in a town outside would be better. Then we choose to go to the city or not. That will offer us more local experiences and keep us out of the crowd. We also would like to do a trip without booking it so we have more flexibility. A rental car is expensive but a must. It provides safety and flexibility. We will never let anyone drive us again or we we have to I will be adamant to tell the driver how we want him to drive or we are not hiring. We need to bring rain jackets next time. That’s all I can think of for now.

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2 Responses to Last day

  1. Lana says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your great trip with us. The pictures are beautiful and your adventures will last for a life time of great stories.

  2. Gini says:

    Amy =Thanks for the great blog and pictures. What an amazing trip. Can’t wait to see you and hear some of these stories in person.

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